Emmanuelle leaves us for her true love!

Côté Cavendish• 2 June 2017

After 10 years of shared happiness at Le Cavendish reception desk, Emmanuelle just met the love of her life, and leaves us for a winegrower in Burgundy… So many assets we don’t have 🙁

 As you surely had the opportunity to meet her for all these years, you can imagine how precious she was for all new-comers in Cannes and at Le Cavendish, but also for those you came back.

 Her unfailing smile, constant devotion and kindness will naturally be missed, yet we could not be happier as she found happiness… between the rows of vines!

We would then like to thank you, Emma, for all the moments we shared. Christine and Guy Welter, along with the whole Cavendish team wish you all the best for your future life!



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