La villa Garbo and Le Cavendish are welcoming electric cars!

Should you be our guests at Villa Garbo or at Le Cavendish, we would like to inform you that electric cars are now welcome!

Indeed, conscious of the growing interest of our clients for both hybrid and electric cars, we have decided to accompany this movement, as going green is a process we highly value and already contribute to on a daily basis.

As a result, Villa Garbo and Le Cavendish’ parking are provided with sockets allowing you to recharge your car night and day while parked.

It is not only a new service at your disposal that we meant to make available to you, but also a possibility for you to assume your eco-friendly choices without constraints, as we know how difficult it can be to move easily when you need to consider recharging the batteries of an electric car. And as we also acknowledge that the public offer of such devices is not yet developed efficiently and properly, we wanted, as a private actor, to take a stand for the environment and help improving the situation at our own level!

Go green and drive greener at Villa Garbo and Le Cavendish!


Le Cavendish

11, boulevard Carnot – 06400 Cannes

Tél : +33 4 97 06 26 00

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Villa Garbo

Villa Garbo

62, boulevard d’Alsace – 06400 Cannes

Tél : + 33 4 93 46 66 00

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